"Go, and tell the others of the victory I have won here."
―Alarak to Kerrigan

Alarak is a Coop Commander in StarCrafts and a Melee Assasin Hero in HeroStorm. He is the Highlord of Tal'Darim and considered as deutragonist in Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, even known as he resembles much similarities to a villain.


Alarak is the highlord of the Tal'darim. He was previously the First Ascendant in the Chain of Ascension under Highlord Ma'lash. During the End War, Alarak used his alliance with the Daelaam to overthrow and replace Ma'lash, and turned the Tal'darim against Amon.

Apperances Edit

Alarak's first appearance is on HeroStorm episode "The Last Laugh". The episode begin with Kerrigan that was capturing a mercenary camp, but then pushed by Alarak telekinesis to claim the camp. Alarak then say "Go and tell others of the victory i have brought here", Alarak then break LiLi tea cupafter she telling Alarak to be careful when drinking a tea. Alarak considered her as a dissapointment. Then, Alarak see Murky and Chromie an try to kill them but failed because Chromie allies was coming. Alarak then use his Last Laugh talent which teleported him but reduced his health to 1 if he did not hit heroes within 4 seconds.Before had a chance to run away Alarak was killed by Murky bubble.

At the end of the episode, Alarak was shown using the Last Laugh again but Chromie use her Time Trap to send Alarak in front of her, and then Chromie use her Dragon Breath abilities but it failed to landed on Alarak. Alarak respond her failure with saying "Youre not good at this, are you?".

He appears again in StarCrafts Season 5 episode, "Jimmity & Alarak" where he paired with Jim Raynor to attack hybrid destroyer's red army.

Depiction Edit

Alarak carbot-0

In The Last Laugh

Alarak is depicted as a floating protoss with black armor and red leggings. He also wields two red psi-blades.

Alarak is tempramental, oftenly angry and like to insult his enemy or ally.

Abilities Edit

Alarak is able to use Telekinesis to move enemy. In the series he can also use his Last Laugh talent.

Trivia Edit

  • Alarak use bandages during Last Laugh talent usage to represent the cost of this talent, which reduced his health to 1 if he fails to hit 3 heroes within 4 second with his basic abilities


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