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Abathur is the zerg character and Co-op commander in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and playable hero in Heroes of the Storm. He is the evolution master in Kerrigan swarm. Before Kerrigan ascended as Queen of Blades, Abathur had served the Overmind.


Abathur's first appearance was in StarCrafts Season 5 episode "Abathur & Vorazun" where he was paired with Vorazun and tried to evolve some zerg roach to attack nearby red terran army led by the hybrid destroyer, but failed. So he had ravager use corrosive bile on them stuck inside Vorazun's black hole ability in one hit. Later, he had tears of joy when his ravager evolved into brutalisk.

He appear again in HeroStorm episode " Kael Boss". In the episode, Abathur slapped and killed Kael'thas while he is hearthing

His next appearance is on HeroStorm episode, "Mortal Pwnisher". In this episode, Tyrael was moving to the temple to reclaim Mortal Punisher power but got intercepted by three of Abathur's toxic nest and then Abathur slap Tyrael to finish him.

In "Enemy At The Gate", When wounded Kharazim was running away because his eye was wounded by Abathur's symbiote stab, Abathur appear from the smoke. Kharazim screamed but then gotten silenced by Abathur who said "shuush" repeatedly. Abathur cover Kharazim with a white blanket. Later on the the episode, he was followed by E.T.C who noticed his locust's trace left behind. He then burrowed into his territory. E.T.C seeking for free kill, jumped off the wall and slammed Abathur. He chased Abathur around the turret tower while getting heavy fired. When the tower threw a toolbox at E.T.C he was fainted. Abathur then slapped E.T.C once and secured a kill. Abathur then taunted "Acceptable outcome". At the end of the episode, he was seen dragging E.T.C into the bush, saying "Sequences poorly designed can improve".

In "Dragon Knight's Shrining Moment", Abathur made deep tunnel into the shrine and claim the Dragon Knight power, wrecking havoc upon his enemy and eventually reach the enemy team's core. Abathur successfully damaged the core to 99% health but then his Dragon Knight form was defeated, which left Abathur vulnerable and was later killed by the core. But he summoned his passive ability Summon Locust. His last locust luckily destroyed the core at 1% of health, thus made the victory for Abathur team.

Abathur also appeared at the end of "Heroes of the Brawl" where there were many Abathur clones slapping each other hilariously.

Appearance Edit

Abathur is depicted as a tall zerg with black skin and he has some green globes around his head. He also has a very thin arm used to slap people.


Abathur is oftenly depicted as a funny zerg character in the series as he often slaps low health heroes. He is also quite fragile and a coward against full health enemy.


Abathur uses Symbiote and Toxic Mine. Abathur can also use Deep Tunnel ability to escape.

Trivia Edit

  • Abathur can actually defeat low health enemies with his basic ability. It references Slapathur (because he kills enemies with his slap basic attack).
  • Abathur is often seen to appear from bush or smoke. This is actually a real Abathur strategy in-game when he needs to hide while using his special combat ability because he would have been vulnerable to attacks while using it.

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